International Photography Festival 2018 / Gŵyl Ffotograffiaeth Ryngwladol 2018





Up on the walls


Exhibitions at EYE 2018

A photography Festival isn't just about photographers speaking on stage, and that's why we make a big effort in working with our partners and Aberystwyth Arts Centre to have a variety of photography exhibitions in place for the EYE Festival.

1. Kirkjufell. Selenium and thiourea toned silver gelatine. ©tim rudman all rights reserved.jpg

An Uneasy calm

Tim Rudman 

An exhibition of handmade duo-toned silver gelatine black and white prints printed in a traditional darkroom from negatives taken in Iceland over a period of eight years by award winning fine art landscape photographer and respected printer Tim Rudman

Iceland, ‘The Land of Fire and Ice’, has a strong and omnipresent ‘Middle Earth’ feel to it, where brooding skies accentuate the dramatic and sometimes eerie landscape where trolls lurk at night and get turned to stone by daylight. It is a land of myth and magic, of fearsome subterranean power and spectacular scenery.
— Tim Rudman

The photographs in the exhibition are printed in black and white and chemically duo-toned, giving the images enhanced depth. Tim Rudman is regarded as a master printer and his skills in the darkroom, coupled with his skills behind the camera, create images with a heightened sense and unexpected depths. The work is printed on Ilford Multigrade Warmtone Fibre based paper and the exhibition kindly supported by Ilford Photo.

Tim Rudman is an award winning fine art photographer, darkroom master printer and author of five books on photography and printing. He is a member of The London Salon of Photography, the Freestyle Advisory Board of Photographic Professionals in Hollywood and is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. Tim’s work is represented in numerous public and private collections, including the Victoria & Albert museum, London.



Land / Sea

Mike Perry

This is a major new solo show by Wales-based Mike Perry with an accompanying Ffotogallery publication. His work engages with significant and pressing environmental issues, in particular the tension between human activity and interventions in the natural environment, and the fragility of the planet’s ecosystems.

In addition to seeing these pieces as symbols of over-consumption and disregard for the environment, I also see them as evidence of the beauty and power of nature to sculpt our world.
— Mike Perry

This major new exhibition brings together recent bodies of work addressing how the natural biodiversity of landscapes and marine environments is undermined and made toxic by human neglect, agricultural mismanagement and the pursuit of short-term profit at the expense of long-term sustainability.

Combining conceptual aesthetics with a pressing concern for the marine environment, Perry's images shed a different light on the health of the seascapes one might see in tourist brochures. Môr Plastig (welsh for ‘Plastic Sea’) is an ongoing body of work that classifies objects washed up by the sea into groupings; bottles, shoes, grids, abstracts, and others. By using a high-resolution camera to capture the surface detail, the artist allows the viewer to ‘read’ markings and scars etched into the objects by the ocean over months and, in some cases, years.

Mike Perry is a British contemporary photographic artist and lives between London and West Wales where he is converting a coastal sheep farm into a site for sustainable architecture and art. His work is increasingly influenced by the surrounding landscape and environmental concerns. His 'Môr Plastig' was included in Cornelia Parker's Black and White Room at The Royal Academy of Arts in July 2014, and the following year at the internationally curated Vita Vitale exhibition at The 56th Venice Biennale.

esther3 .jpg


Digital exhibition installation

EYE Pod Digital Exhibitions:
New space for young photographers around the world.

We are excited to host several digital exhibitions in the special EYE Pod installation which will once again be situated in the main cafe/restaurant area of the venue.